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The Affective Group are one of the most experienced Asbestos removalists in the area. We have extensive experience and practical knowledge in the safe removal of hazardous materials in line with the strict legal standards required. 

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Asbestos removal service in progress in NSW

Asbestos and hazardous materials removal

Affective are fully licenced to remove and dispose both friable and bonded asbestos and are EPA approved for the removal and disposal of ANY contaminated materials. For these reasons The Affective Group are a preferred contractor and are regularly engaged by Local Councils and Government to clean up dangerous materials that pose a risk to the Community.

We are able to offer the following services in the removal of hazardous materials and contaminants:

  • All types of asbestos removal (friable/bonded)
  • Industrial asbestos removal
  • Removal of asbestos roofing, wall sheeting, fences, tiles and other materials containing asbestos from industrial and commercial premises
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and subsequent re-insulation, often whilst plant and equipment is still in operation
  • Removal of asbestos and other contaminants in soil
  • Domestic asbestos removal and strip-outs
  • Repair or encapsulation of asbestos lined walls and roofs
  • Asbestos surveys, testing and analysis
  • Decontamination of contaminated air-conditioning duct work/plant
  • Dust, debris, noise, odour and vibration monitoring and control
  • Contaminated site investigation, clean up and remediation
  • Emergency response clean-up from fire damage, storm damage or other incidents.

What is asbestos?

Until the mid-1980s, asbestos was widely used in a range of home building materials. If your dwelling was built or renovated before 1987, it is likely you have an asbestos problem to be professionally dealt with.

Asbestos is a dangerous and lethal health hazard and strict laws were introduced in recent years for its safe removal to avoid immediate danger to the surrounding community and environment.

Developers and the public need to understand the danger of asbestos and what precautions you must take if you are planning to demolish, renovate or make repairs to an asbestos site.

What do I do to remove it?

Removing asbestos is a dangerous and complicated process best carried out by professionals who are licensed, insured, experienced and have completed the required stringent training.

Strict Government rules apply to handling and disposing of asbestos. An unqualified person CANNOT remove more than 10 square meters of asbestos. It is illegal to put asbestos in a household garbage bin or to dump it. You cannot take asbestos to a local waste disposal depot. It is illegal to dump asbestos anywhere.

Household asbestos disposal in Wollongong

The Affective Group's Head Office in North Wollongong accepts safely wrapped household asbestos waste. Call our office for details and pricing.

Learn more about asbestos disposal in the Wollongong area on the Wollongong City Council website.

Asbestos removal