Women In Civil

Ability, equality & opportunity

In 2017, The Affective Group partnered with the NSW Government and the Civil Contractors Federation to launch the NSW Women In Civil Programme. This programme promotes ability, equality, skill and opportunity for Women in the Civil Industry and is growing stronger every year.

Women in Civil programme

Supporting women in civil careers

The civil construction industry has, for many years, been an almost exclusively male workforce. The number of women employed within the sector still remains a small percentage of the total workforce, with men still dominating traditional civil construction roles. However, in recent years, the industry has thankfully seen an increase of females interested in civil construction roles.

The civil industry is by nature, due to regulations, a very strict, compliant and procedure focused industry. When we take these facts into consideration and look at the nature of the work, the reality is that it is a very suitable career choice for women.

There is now a growing demand for site-based and office-based civil roles, ranging from Engineers, Project Managers and HR roles to Site Hands, Machine Operators and Site Supervisors. With this demand, there is also a need for diversifying civil roles, and a need to support the women already working within the industry or considering joining.

The Affective Group is proactive in supporting the rise and future of Women In Civil. We have a number of women working within our various teams both on-site and in-office and they are a valued asset to our company.

Woman working in the Civil Industry