Asbestos Removal

Affective have extensive experience and practical knowledge of the asbestos removal techniques required to complete any project safely and in line with the high standards required. We are able to offer the following services:

  • All types of asbestos removal (friable/bonded)
  • Contaminated site cleanup
  • Removal of asbestos roofing, wall sheeting, fences, tiles and other materials containing asbestos from industrial and commercial premises
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and subsequent re-insulation, often whilst plant and equipment is still in operation
  • Removal of asbestos and other contaminants in soil
  • Domestic asbestos removal and strip-outs
  • Repair or encapsulation of asbestos lined walls and roofs
  • Asbestos surveys, testing and analysis
  • Decontamination of contaminated air-conditioning duct work/plant
  • Dust, debris, noise, odour and vibration monitoring and control
  • Contaminated site investigation
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Emergency response clean-up from fire damage, storm damage or other incident

What is Asbestos?

Until the mid-1980s, asbestos was widely used in a range of home building materials. If your house was built or renovated before 1987, it is likely you have asbestos in your home. Asbestos is a naturally-occurring fibrous silicate mineral. It was considered a versatile product, because it is able to withstand heat, erosion and decay and has fire and water resistant properties.

Homeowners need to know what asbestos is and what precautions you must take if you are planning to renovate or make repairs around your home, just in case you are dealing with asbestos.

Removing asbestos is a dangerous and complicated process best carried out by professionals who are licenced, insured, experienced and have completed the required training.

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